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Manufacturer Name




Model Year


Plant City




Vehicle Type


Plant Country


Plant State


Base Price ($)


Body Class




Gross Vehicle Weight Rating From

Class 1B: 3,001 - 4,000 lb (1,360 - 1,814 kg)

Wheel Base (inches) From


Bed Type

Not Applicable

Cab Type

Not Applicable

Trailer Type Connection

Not Applicable

Trailer Body Type

Not Applicable

Number of Wheels


Wheel Size Front (inches)


Wheel Size Rear (inches)


Steering Location

Left-Hand Drive (LHD)

Number of Seats


Number of Seat Rows


Transmission Style

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Drive Type




Engine Number of Cylinders


Displacement (CC)


Displacement (CI)


Displacement (L)


Engine Stroke Cycles


Engine Model


Engine Power (kW)


Fuel Type - Primary


Valve Train Design

Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC)

Engine Configuration


Fuel Delivery / Fuel Injection Type

Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI)

Engine Brake (hp) From


Cooling Type


Engine Manufacturer


Seat Belt Type


Curtain Air Bag Locations

1st and 2nd Rows

Front Air Bag Locations

1st Row (Driver and Passenger)

Side Air Bag Locations

1st Row (Driver and Passenger)

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)


Electronic Stability Control (ESC)


Traction Control


Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Type


Auto-Reverse System for Windows and Sunroofs


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)


Crash Imminent Braking (CIB)


Forward Collision Warning (FCW)


Lane Departure Warning (LDW)


Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA)


Backup Camera


Bus Floor Configuration Type

Not Applicable

Bus Type

Not Applicable

Custom Motorcycle Type

Not Applicable

Motorcycle Suspension Type

Not Applicable

Motorcycle Chassis Type

Not Applicable

Dynamic Brake Support (DBS)


Daytime Running Light (DRL)


Semiautomatic Headlamp Beam Switching


2017 HONDA CIVIC Crash Test Score


Overall Rating

Overall Front Star Rating

Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

Front Driver Side
Front Passenger Side

Overall Side Star Rating

Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

Combined Side Barrier and Pole Ratings

Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

Front Seat
Rear Seat

Side Barrier

Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

Rear Passenger

Overall Side Pole Star Rating

Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

Rollover Star Rating

Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

Rollover Risk:

2017 HONDA CIVIC Safety Features

Advanced Safety Features

Rearview Video Systems Standard

Seat Belts and Head Restraints

Dynamic Head Restraints Not Available
Head Restraint Driver, Front Passenger, Rear Seat
Advanced Belt Feature Standard
Adjustable Upper Belt Anchorage Driver, Front Passenger
Seat Belt Reminder System Driver, Front Passenger

Air Bags

Frontal Air Bag Driver, Front Passenger
Curtain Driver, Front Passenger, Rear Seat
Torso/Pelvis Driver, Front Passenger
Knee Not Available
Additional Air Bags Not Available
Meets Side Air Bag Out-of-Position Requirements Yes

Child Passenger Features

LATCH Locations Rear Seat
Safety Power Windows (Anti-Pinch) Standard
Safety Power Windows (Anti-Pinch) locations Driver, Front Passenger

Complaints Assosiated with VIN 2HGFC2F57HH549297


October 22, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11441681
Consumer Location: CAGUAS, PR

Summary of Complaint

Coils and spark plugs getting rust/wet by water intrusion causing emisions problems the car is unable to drive.

Components: POWER TRAIN

December 21, 2018
NHTSA ID Number: 11440502
Consumer Location: MENIFEE, CA
VIN: 2hgfc1f3xhh****

Summary of Complaint

The contact owns a 2017 Honda Civic. The contact stated that the vehicle was taken to the local dealer for an oil change and the contact was informed by the service tech that there was a lubrication leak underneath the passenger’s side of the vehicle. The local dealer replaced the half-shaft to fix the failure. The contact stated that several months later the failure recurred. The contact took the vehicle back to the dealer and the half-shaft was replaced 3 more times however, the failure persisted. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The failure mileage is approximately 5,877.

Components: STEERING

October 22, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11437811
Consumer Location: HOUSTON, TX
VIN: 2HGFC1F79HH****

Summary of Complaint

ELECTRIC POWER ASSIST STEERING (EPS): The EPS works fine when turning, but when going straight, especially over 40 mph, it will "stick" a bit. That is to say it will take a considerable effort to overcome the stiffness for a small correction in steering direction. This problem is found to be more critical when driving with close oncoming traffic.


October 21, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11437585
Consumer Location: WHITTIER, CA

Summary of Complaint

Honda Service Bulletin 19-091 Warranty Extension : A/C Condenser Leaking My vehicle began to blow hot air on the driver side. No warning lights or service light warned me. I need to understand if my car is covered by the HONDA Service Bulletin 19-091


September 15, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11433983
Consumer Location: PHOENIX, AZ
VIN: 2HGFC1F37HH****

Summary of Complaint

Unable to attain a comfortable cabin temperature due to a leaking evaporator located under the dashboard in the cabin. Driver comfort is necessary in the torrid Arizona heat. Driver discomfort can compromise the safe operation of a vehicle. A comfortably cooled cabin is essential for safe vehicle operation. Inhaling leaking refrigerant gas in a closed cabin is unhealthful and unsafe. Honda has built and delivered Civics with defective air conditioning components and then as these parts failed, the Civic owners have to pay for essential repairs. Honda did replace the condenser on this vehicle at no cost on 6/8/2020. The recent replacement of the evaporator and actuator valve did come at a discounted cost of $1,537.50. I appreciate the technicians that repaired the car. The failure of the condenser and the evaporator are indicative of the defective and deficient quality of the parts used and are a harbinger of more related parts to fail, namely the compressor, all tubing and related seals, and the dryer. These parts are not covered under any warranty. The only parts of reliable value are the knobs and buttons on the dashboard. I was not able to get possession of the evaporator that was removed because I did not make the request when the service order was written. It would have been helpful to evaluate the part for failure. I am not sure why Honda does not care to evaluate failed parts. The remedy for all affected Civic owners would be for the NHTSA to direct Honda USA to immediately remove every air conditioning component and replace the entire system with a highly reliable OEM quality air conditioning system that is immune from failure. The cost of this resolution would be paid entirely out of Honda executive management compensation. The NHTSA and Honda USA need to understand that safety cannot be compromised! There will be a declining demand for Honda cars made with deficient and defective parts


August 09, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11430904
Consumer Location: TIFTON, GA
VIN: 19xfc1f85he****

Summary of Complaint

Key-less start system problem.... Car has 55000 miles and has been serviced at local Honda dealer on time every time. Car will start up in accessory mode after being turned off and goes into alarm. To turn off alarm I have to use door key. Keyless Remote does not work during the alarm stage and will work after restarting car. I have to unhook battery to keep car from alarming. I have already had remote replaced and reprogrammed. I have to go through a new system reset every time I use the car. Honda could not find a code error. I am concerned this is a major and dangerous problem with the electrical system, possibly control module or push start button. I have read numerous complaints of this issue online from many different Honda models including mine.


August 13, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11429200
Consumer Location: WHITE SPRINGS, FL

Summary of Complaint

This to help all the others with the AC issue. 2019 bought the car and the AC barely worked. Have extended warranty with CarMax and went to Honda of winter park. Well my girlfriend did I was away. They charged her $350 to say the compressor was shot. And that the cost was around $2200. I find out and she goes to CarMax with the estimate and they replace everything. We break up I come back get in the car AC doesn't work. Now I'm in lake city, go to Honda, this is were you need to pay attention. The condenser was replaced, for free, they said it was $150 to find the problem. Had my 45k mile service done as well. Show up at the dealership and my cost? $0 To my shock the service manager was honest. The condenser is under Honda warranty. They waved the $150 cause I told them it couldn't be the compressor, had to be the condenser. And the they gave me the oil change for free. Do not let Honda service around the country charge you for the problem they already know. $300, to $700 estimates? Shameful. Go to Honda tell them it's the condenser. If the AC seems to blow out of 1 vent cold while the rest warm, or the AC is cold when it's still cool outside, or even hearing a slight hiss under the hood. It's the condenser. Tell them you want the condenser changed. Nothing else! You have control of what they fix on your car. They know what's wrong without lifting the hood. My AC is ice cold. Took 3 years but it works. You don't have to be charged for diagnosis. And everyone that was cheated and treated unfairly there is a Honda number of they're US home office. Call tell them. I was told by the service manager that $150 is the highest they go. Why? Cause they have to remove the front bumper just to check. So be specific. I need the condenser replaced.

Components: STEERING

July 28, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11426960
Consumer Location: BROOKFIELD, CT
VIN: 2HGFC1F75HH****

Summary of Complaint

There is an issue with the steering on my 2017 Civic. I noticed it several months ago and I believe it has gotten worse. The problem is most noticeable at highway speeds when the temperature is over 75 degrees. The problem is that if the steering wheel has been in the same position for several seconds, it tends to stick in that position and requires slightly more force to turn the wheel. I have found other reports of the problem on the internet along with a video of the problem at https://www.civicforums.com/forums/319-interior/370344-2016-honda-civic-lx-steering-wheel-sticky-stiff-jerky.html A video of the problem is at https://youtu.be/w5x_CaVHXmM This has not resulted in an accident. I have not taken it to a Honda dealer for diagnosis yet. The problem is reproducible.


July 15, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11426843
Consumer Location: ARKANSAS CITY, KS
VIN: 2HGFC1F36HH****

Summary of Complaint

Honda civic is a 2017 and the ac went out> there has been a lot of civics from 16-18 that have had the same issues. Honda will not do a recall due to defective A/C compressor units even though there has been several cases. summer is here and my 17 civic gets up to 110 degrees inside while transporting family. i have done some research and there is tons of websites filled with people complaining about the same issue. this has cost them hundreds of dollars and still no recall.


July 01, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11426060
Consumer Location: MERCED, CA
VIN: 19xfc2f55he****

Summary of Complaint

The AC is not working, I took it to a repair shop and they replaced the air conditioner. They charged $1800. Under the 6 month warranty I took it back because it was not cooling, the repair shop said the car had little holes near the condenser which drained out the Freon, they filled it again with Freon


June 24, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11425540
Consumer Location: SALINAS, CA
VIN: 2hgfc2f54hh****

Summary of Complaint

My 2017 Honda Civic has been blowing out hot air. At just 36k miles. It is unsafe to be driving my younger siblings and nephew in this hot weather, My vehicle is a salvage so “it wasn’t applicable for me to get the recall” but I believe that shouldn’t matter Honda purposely knew their were defects in the AC but yet do not want to own up to it and fix it.


July 08, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11425165
Consumer Location: NISKAYUNA, NY
VIN: 19XFC2F54HE****

Summary of Complaint

The air conditioner stopped cooling and was throwing out warm air. When we took the car to the local Honda dealer they said it was covered under an a/c condenser recall TSB 19-091:6C300. On 7/8/2021 after the repair was completed, the tech mentioned that even after they replaced the condenser there was still a leak in the compressor and we need to get that replaced as well. The compressor is not covered under warranty or recall and we may have to spend about $1200 for it. This 2017 Honda Civic was purchased by us on 8/31/2020 from another Honda dealer who (we found out later) had already replaced the condenser under the same recall notice on 8/6/2020 before selling it to us. It seems the leaking a/c condenser is also damaging the compressor over a period or the entire a/c unit had manufacturing defects and should be covered under the recall.


June 15, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11424448
Consumer Location: MIDDLETON, WI
VIN: 19xfc1e38he****

Summary of Complaint

The A/C does not work at all. With A/C on max, warm air blows.


June 01, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11424251
Consumer Location: RIALTO, CA
VIN: 2HGFC4A54HH****

Summary of Complaint

Air conditioning started to blow hot and the Freon was low. Had to refill the Freon which is using the new R-1234yf fluid which is hard to find at autozone and is very expensive for a 1 pound can at $50. Still cheaper than a mechanic or dealership price. Problem is that the car has 27000 miles and has only been driven sparingly and was never abused. A month later and it’s starting to blow warmer only on 100 degree weather. I currently cannot afford to have full repairs done to the AC. Never had hit anything with my car. Paint and interior is in near excellent condition. So it’s obviously not my fault. Honda should be ashamed.

Components: STEERING

July 01, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11423386
Consumer Location: MOORESVILLE, NC
VIN: 2HGFC1F76HH****

Summary of Complaint

When driving on highways the steering has a catch/ jerk when making any tracking movement. It causes a jerk movement anytime you try to even slightly change your position in your lane. No warning lights are showing.


honda civic 2013 vin 19xfb2f8xde218182
2013 HONDA CIVIC Collision Unknown
honda civic 2017 vin 19xfc1f32he200776
2017 HONDA CIVIC Collision Unknown
honda civic 2018 vin 19xfc2f57je016530
2018 HONDA CIVIC Collision Unknown