VIN 4S4BSBAC5F3344899 Decoding Subaru Vin Decoder

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0 - VIN decoded clean. Check Digit (9th position) is correct



Manufacturer Name




Model Year


Plant City




Vehicle Type


Plant Country


Plant Company Name


Plant State



Wagon body style


This vehicle is manufactured by FHI and assembled by SIA.

Body Class

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)/Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV)



Gross Vehicle Weight Rating From

Class 1C: 4,001 - 5,000 lb (1,814 - 2,268 kg)

Trailer Type Connection

Not Applicable

Trailer Body Type

Not Applicable

Transmission Style

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Drive Type

AWD/All-Wheel Drive

Displacement (CC)


Displacement (CI)


Displacement (L)


Engine Model

2.5L U6

Seat Belt Type


Other Restraint System Info

Seat-mounted side air bags on seat back and roof-mounted side curtain air bags.

Curtain Air Bag Locations

1st and 2nd Rows

Front Air Bag Locations

1st Row (Driver and Passenger)

Side Air Bag Locations

1st Row (Driver and Passenger)

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Type


Bus Floor Configuration Type

Not Applicable

Bus Type

Not Applicable

Custom Motorcycle Type

Not Applicable

Motorcycle Suspension Type

Not Applicable

Motorcycle Chassis Type

Not Applicable

2015 SUBARU OUTBACK Crash Test Score


Overall Rating

Overall Front Star Rating

Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

Front Driver Side
Front Passenger Side

Overall Side Star Rating

Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

Combined Side Barrier and Pole Ratings

Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

Front Seat
Rear Seat

Side Barrier

Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

Rear Passenger

Overall Side Pole Star Rating

Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

Rollover Star Rating

Combines Driver and Passenger star ratings into a single frontal rating. The frontal barrier test simulates a head-on collision between two similar vehicles, each moving at 35 mph.

Rollover Risk:

2015 SUBARU OUTBACK Safety Features

Advanced Safety Features

Rearview Video Systems Standard

Seat Belts and Head Restraints

Dynamic Head Restraints Not Available
Head Restraint Driver, Front Passenger, Rear Seat
Advanced Belt Feature Standard
Adjustable Upper Belt Anchorage Driver, Front Passenger
Seat Belt Reminder System Driver, Front Passenger

Air Bags

Frontal Air Bag Driver, Front Passenger
Curtain Driver, Front Passenger, Rear Seat
torso/pelvis Driver, Front Passenger
Knee Not Available
Additional Air Bags Seat Cushion Airbags
Meets Side Air Bag Out-of-Position Requirements YES

Child Passenger Features

LATCH Locations Rear Seat
Safety Power Windows (Anti-Pinch) Not Available
Safety Power Windows (Anti-Pinch) locations Not Available

Complaints Assosiated with VIN 4S4BSBAC5F3344899


November 18, 2019
NHTSA ID Number: 11441062
Consumer Location: ALBUQUERQUE, NM
VIN: 4S4BSALC9F3****

Summary of Complaint

Our car has electrical / battery problems. It frequently will not start on its own. We have to jump start the battery about once a month, sometimes more frequently. The primary driver commutes 120 miles at least once a week (60 miles each way), thus we should not have issues with battery drain, but we do. We replaced the battery 1 year ago and the problem still remains. The battery also drains quite quickly, for example, last week we had the back lift gate open for 15 - 20 minutes while we were in and out of the house packing up the car with all the things I needed for a work event. When we were ready to go, the car wouldn't start. This has happened to us multiple times camping in the past. Because we have had so many problems with our car starting, we keep a small battery generator charged and in the car so we can jumpstart our car if needed. Without this device, we would have been stranded in the back country tens of miles away from civilization with no cell service and no ability to get home. We've started keeping all the lights off inside the car to see if that helps, It hasn't, even with no lights on inside the car the battery has drained while packing up our car for a trip. The dealership replaced the battery in 2020 and said that was the problem, they have not looked for "parasitic drain" despite our complaints. There is no warning when this will happen, no lights appear or messages. This has been an ongoing problem that started in 2019 that continues to this day. Our safety has been put at risk multiple times with this problem by potentially leaving us completely stranded in the woods, at night in urban environments, and has prevented us from getting to work on time. I've read on numerous forums that this has been a problem with the CANs systems in this model. Please investigate.

Components: POWER TRAIN

November 10, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11440007
Consumer Location: NEWPORT, NC
VIN: 4s4bsbdc0f3****

Summary of Complaint

local mechanic doing standard maintenence at 62,861 miles, checking high rpms at startup, noticed that the crankshaft pully was moving up and down , slight variance , when it should be straight. apparently a recall issue on 2016 outbacks.


November 07, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11439800
Consumer Location: MALVERN, PA
VIN: 4S4BSAJC2F3****

Summary of Complaint

My 2015 Subaru Outback has continually experienced random battery drain. I have replaced the battery 3 times since purchasing the car from a dealership in 2017. In all cases, there was no advanced warning indicating that the battery was low, the car had been driven regularly with an average amount of mileage and no lights were left on nor was there extreme weather. Most recently (11/7/2021) the tailgate was up with the car off for 30-45 minutes. It was jump started, we made it home and the next morning it had zero power. That last battery was purchased in April of 2021. The car is regularly maintained by the dealer and/or a certified mechanic.


November 11, 2015
NHTSA ID Number: 11437276
Consumer Location: LOS ANGELES, CA
VIN: 4S4BSENC2F3****

Summary of Complaint

I previously wrote to you back in mid-Sept. 2021. It was a problem with battery drainage on my Outback and the fact that many other Subaru owners were having the same problem. #[XXX] was the case # that I was assigned. I have never heard from anyone at the NHTSA I don't want to repeat everything that I previously stated. I would appreciate a response as enough time has elapsed. Thank you. [XXX] INFORMATION Redacted PURSUANT TO THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. 552(B)(6).


October 02, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11435250
Consumer Location: SHERWOOD, OR
VIN: 4S4BSBLC1F3****

Summary of Complaint

On multiple occasions the battery completely dies over night for no apparent reason and with no warning. Nothing that draws power was left on. This is a hazard as we can be stuck someplace with no way to start our car. The battery and alternator always check out as normal (by local mechanic), yet it keeps dying to the point that there are no dash lights, horn, emergency blinker or anything else functioning. Most recently I can't even jump start the Outback. Some design defect, (electronic/ computer) is causing the vehicles' battery to drain quickly which renders the car inoperable.

Components: STEERING

September 16, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11434848
Consumer Location: Unknown
VIN: 4S4BSBDC1F3****

Summary of Complaint

Vehicle had recent periodic service performed prior to event at Gwinette Subaru, Gwinette, GA. Vehicle currently has 54K miles. The Vehicle was purcashed this year as a Dealer Certified pe-owned vehicle. While leaving the Walmart parkinglot and entering a busy intesection I lost control of the vehicle steering and I her severe knocking sounds against body of vehicle I barley was able to drive vehicle out of traffic. When I tried to exit Vehicle the driver's door would not open. I exited from the passenger door and walked around vehicle and found that my driver side tire was up aginst fender and had pust fender up agains driver door. the tire was at wired angle . When the tow truc arrived the technician removed the tire in order to move vehicle. Once tire was removed it was obvious that there was a catostrophic steering Ball Joint failure. the vehicle was taken to Gwinette Subaru where they denied it being a component failure and treated me as if it was my fault. The car did not collide with anything not have I hit any potholes to cause this failure. Gwinette Subuaru failed to take proper steps to report this component failure, But I am and will be contacting The State of Georgia Public Safety. I was actually on my way to Interstate 85 a very congested Interstate that moves at about 75-80 mph. I could of been Killed at that speed and worse there would of been multiple cars involved in a collision. Please Help Me! Damage was estimated at $4016.75


September 27, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11434465
Consumer Location: EAST HAMPTON, NY
VIN: 4s4bsbnc5f3****

Summary of Complaint

This car has repeatedly drained the battery when completely off. I have replaced the battery thinking it was a faulty battery, only to have this occur repeatedly with a new battery. I am certain the doors are shut, lights are off, car is off and locked and nothing I have left on is in anyway draining the battery. I have even experienced this when driving the car for an hour, parking it for 30 minutes and coming back to a dead battery. The battery drops to 5v and car won’t start. The battery does charge and holds 13.5v. This is not an error with the battery as I have replaced the battery.


April 28, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11434112
Consumer Location: CHICAGO, IL
VIN: 4S4BSENC1F3****

Summary of Complaint

While driving at highway speed and traveling over about 6 hours, the car simply shut off. We were traveling on the highway in the passing lane. Without warning the car began to slow down rapidly, no dash lights on, but the engine was off. We managed to cross two lanes of traffic without power assist and once on the shoulder and slowing down, the engine lights all came on. Once fully stopped, we turned the car off, waited a few seconds and restarted. We were then able to complete our trip without difficulty. This has happened twice. The dealer has done full diagnostics twice but has been unable to find the problem. We have heard that other year Subaru outbacks have been recalled for this problem but our year isn't included.


June 09, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11433007
Consumer Location: LOS ANGELES, CA
VIN: 4S4BSENC2F3****

Summary of Complaint

I proudly purchased my 2015 Subaru Outback, new, in April 2015. I currently have less than 18,000 miles on it. During the time I have owned my Outback, I have had to replace the battery 5 times, through no fault of my own. Subaru USA and my Subaru dealership say that I do not drive it enough. B/S. I have done some research online and have found many other Subaru owners who are constantly having battery problems and dead batteries. I understand some have filed a Class Action Suit. The problem appears to be that the battery drains down on a regular basis. Now when I put my car in my garage at night, I turn the headlights off completely, the radio off, the A/C off, and I do not set my parking brake for fear all of the above will drain my battery overnight. I am even afraid to set my car alarm. I have had to call AAA each time the battery has gone COMPLETELY DEAD. They are tired of seeing me. Fortunately for me, each time the battery has died, I was at home and my car in the garage. I am a senior citizen who is afraid my battery will die when I am not close to home. I purchased a Subaru because of its so-called reliability. I am tired of Subaru giving me the runaround and trying to make it look as though I am the problem. I, for the life of me, don't understand how this problem has been swept under the rug by Subaru for so LONG. When I chose the Outback, I had done my homework and went first to the LA Auto Show and the Outback, back then, appeared to be my dream car, which has turned into a nightmare for me. I had a Sienna for 15 years and only replaced the battery twice. PLEASE have your staff seriously look into this Subaru battery drainage problem. I am certainly not alone with this problem. Each time I go to start up my Outback, I have to hold my breath and keep my finger and toes crossed. Subaru USA has given me little or no answer to my problem. My dealership again tells me I have to drive more. The other Subaru owners must not drive enough!!!


September 15, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11433147
Consumer Location: BATON ROUGE, LA
VIN: 4S4BSBCC6F3****

Summary of Complaint

I have had to change my car battery three times in four years. A couple times it seemed like my battery went bad soon after having service on my car even though my battery tested okay and given a green symbol. The last date I had to replace the battery is below.


September 14, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11432937
Consumer Location: RIVERSIDE, CA
VIN: 4s4bsaec4f3****

Summary of Complaint

This car has had 5 batteries. The charging system tests fine. It’s not safe.

Components: ENGINE

August 25, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11432820
Consumer Location: LEONIA, NJ
VIN: 4S4BSENC8F3****

Summary of Complaint

On 8/25/21, during servicing, I was informed by the Subaru dealer who has always serviced my car that the driver's side head gasket was starting to go bad. The car had 54,108 miles on it and was 6 years and 5 months old. It had always been driven under normal conditions, on public roads, and 100% of the servicing had been performed by the Subaru dealer who sold me the car, which I bought new. In addition, I had never used the car for towing. Under the circumstances, it seemed indefensible that the head gasket should be going bad. It's a very expensive repair. The engine in question is the 3.6-liter 6-cylinder.


September 02, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11431457
Consumer Location: CHARLESTON, SC
VIN: 4s4bsejcxf3****

Summary of Complaint

Bought 2016 model December 29, 2015. Battery consistently drains. It has had at least 3 replacement batteries in 5 years. Car has less than 46k miles on it. Had to get jump started twice within a two week period, with a battery from February of 2020. Battery issues 3/2018 26k miles 2/2020 37k miles 8/2021 45k miles 9/2021 45k miles


August 29, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11431437
Consumer Location: NEEDHAM, MA
VIN: 4s4bsenc0f3****

Summary of Complaint

i will be purchasing my 4th battery, this seems to be an issue people are having with this 2015 outback. I maintain my car and garage store it and I continue to have dead batteries that need to be replaced, I am not leaving any interior or exterior lights on either.


August 19, 2021
NHTSA ID Number: 11429709
Consumer Location: SEATTLE, WA
VIN: 4S4BSBFC4F3****

Summary of Complaint

I have to replace my battery 1-2 x year, possibly due to Parasitic draw. No lights have been left on, nor anything electrical when the car is shut off. Between batteries, I often have to jump my car to start it. I have been stranded places and I am in constant fear my car will not start.


subaru outback 2010 vin 4s4brbkc5a3315812
2010 SUBARU OUTBACK Collision Run & Drive
subaru outback 2010 vin 4s4brbbc7a3328352
2010 SUBARU OUTBACK Collision Unknown
subaru outback 2010 vin 4s4brdlc7a2359343
2010 SUBARU OUTBACK Collision Run & Drive