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How Can I Lookup my Volkswagen Specs by VIN?

The process is straightforward: find the VIN and paste it to our VIN decoder. In a moment you'll be provided with all Volkswagen specifications, provided by a manufacturer to NTHSA

How to find the Volkswagen VIN code?

If you have the Volkswagen's title or other documents, the VIN will be there. The VIN on a car can be found on the engine's firewall, in a front of a frame, inside the driver-side doorjamb, on driver's doorpost or underneath the spare tire. For motorcycles common location is on the headstock tube.

How to Find a Volkswagen Options or Windows Sticker by VIN?

For now, we cannot provide the full list of Volkswagen's package, yet there are few ways to overcome this restriction. First one is to look for a decoded trim - many Volkswagenes have a special version of base models. The second one is to take a look of Volkswagen photos - chances are used vehicle you are interested in was sold on auto auctions. If so, we will be able to show you its listing(s)

Is it Possible to Check Volkswagen Recalls and Complaints via VIN decoder?

Yes, you can do it via our VIN decoder! Perform a regular VIN check and, besides standart specifications, we'll provide a list of all NTHSA recalls and complaints, associated with this VIN

Can I Check the Vehicle History by VIN for Free?

Unfortunately, the vehicle history is not available for free anywhere. But we have a free solution, that may help: when you lookup the Volkswagen's VIN code on VIN Sonar, we also check if this vehicle was sold on auto auctions. If it was, we will show you its historical damage, milege and photos.

VIN helps you find vehicle specifications and details about a car. VIN SONAR is here to provide you with a VW VIN lookup tool through which you can decode your Volkswagen VIN. We have VW VIN check online and we develop Volkswagen windows stickers with the help of original information. In order to have a Volkswagen VIN lookup, you just have to enter vehicle VIN. We a have classic VW VIN decoder that will give you more information about a vehicle.

What is VIN?

The VIN of a Volkswagen is basically a 17- characters alphanumeric code which is used for the identification of any VW vehicle. When you are searching for spare parts or buying a used vehicle, the VW VIN number search is mainly useful, which provides you with useful information about your vehicle. Our decoder will give you information about the characteristics of the vehicle such as VIN decoder paint color and offer historical data such as accident history, it's records and flaws of the model, etc.

Where can you locate a VW vehicle identification number?

VW VIN decoder engine code normally looks like this:

WVWZZZ 3BZ 1E179218

Volkswagen VIN number lookup:

  1. Windshields on the driver’s side of the vehicle
  2. Metal plate on the dashboard
  3. On the river’s door pillar (jamb)

Moreover, you can directly call your dealer. He will guide you.

What information is included in the Volkswagen VIN?

  1. Make
  2. Manufacture
  3. Check digit
  4. Body
  5. Model
  6. Series
  7. Wheel size
  8. Front brake
  9. And many more

Reasons for Volkswagen VIN check?

Check for title brands

You can also check the brand title or model by doing a VIN search.

Check for accidents

You can also check accident history by simply doing a VIN search.

Check for special purpose designations

This includes taxi use, police use, or rental use.

Check for theft

You can also find an active theft or previous theft record by VIN search.

Why do we have the best VIN decoder?

Vehicle history report

The vehicles which required law enforcement and insurance intercession involved in an accident, then with the help of Volkswagen VIN the date and details of the accidents will appear.

VW recall check by VIN

When you are buying a vehicle you must have a list of official recalls. We register and record all the complaints and recalls which are related to our models. You can get information of the vehicle with our Volkswagen recall VIN check.


Complaints are the problems and feedback from customers. We have a record of all complaints. By using our Volkswagen recall VIN check you can get all the information on the spot that requires attention.


Basically, this is the report used for VW number check and shows vehicle parameters and specs. If you’re searching for original spec then it helps you in validating a configuration of a vehicle. But one thing is to make sure if any changes show it could be a bad sign.

Safety report

We provide more attention towards car safety as car safety is more important than features. We provide information regarding the vehicle’s safety features. This will help you learn about safety options.

Find Volkswagen Windows stickers by VIN

Every car has its own VIN decoder window sticker which guides or has detailed information. So you can easily check the Volkswagen VIN decoder option by VIN. Price details are also included in VW windows stickers lookup by VIN. This information is provided to estimate the appropriate price for used cars.

How to do a VW warranty check by VIN number?

It is not possible because a warranty is not issued by the carmaker, it is issued by the dealers. The given information is related to the car’s documents, not about dealers.

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