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How Can I Lookup my Volvo Specs by VIN?

The process is straightforward: find the VIN and paste it to our VIN decoder. In a moment you'll be provided with all Volvo specifications, provided by a manufacturer to NTHSA

How to find the Volvo VIN code?

If you have the Volvo's title or other documents, the VIN will be there. The VIN on a car can be found on the engine's firewall, in a front of a frame, inside the driver-side doorjamb, on driver's doorpost or underneath the spare tire. For motorcycles common location is on the headstock tube.

How to Find a Volvo Options or Windows Sticker by VIN?

For now, we cannot provide the full list of Volvo's package, yet there are few ways to overcome this restriction. First one is to look for a decoded trim - many Volvoes have a special version of base models. The second one is to take a look of Volvo photos - chances are used vehicle you are interested in was sold on auto auctions. If so, we will be able to show you its listing(s)

Is it Possible to Check Volvo Recalls and Complaints via VIN decoder?

Yes, you can do it via our VIN decoder! Perform a regular VIN check and, besides standart specifications, we'll provide a list of all NTHSA recalls and complaints, associated with this VIN

Can I Check the Vehicle History by VIN for Free?

Unfortunately, the vehicle history is not available for free anywhere. But we have a free solution, that may help: when you lookup the Volvo's VIN code on VIN Sonar, we also check if this vehicle was sold on auto auctions. If it was, we will show you its historical damage, milege and photos.

VIN was made for this specific reason - to find and validate the vehicle's specifications. Nowadays this check s available for anyone, and we at VIN Sonar made the most comprehensive Volvo VIN check online, which includes not only specifications like body style, engine volume, transmission; but recalls, complaints, safety features, and vehicle history reports.

How to Perform a Volvo VIN number search?

The process is very straightforward: simply paste a Volvo VIN Code and click the button. We immediately begin scanning our databases and generating your report. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to access a Volvo VIN number decoder report.

Can I Make a Volvo Truck VIN Number Lookup?

Absolutely! Our Volvo truck VIN check validates only if VIN itself is correct, the vehicle type doesn't matter. Using a Volvo semi-truck VIN decoder you will be granted the full information that available for this VIN code.

Also, you are able to run a Polestar VIN lookup here as it's a Volvo's child company.

Can I Get a Volvo VIN Decoder Options Check?

Unfortunately, this data is not provided by the manufacturer in the same way other does. Carmakers must provide a car's information in a strict format, and options are not included in the list of required fields. This is the reason why Volvo VIN decoder for paint code is not possible for now.

But there is a way to get this information. If you need a Volvo VIN decoder for equipment, you can visit an official Volvo VIN check to get Volvo VIN decoder equipment information.

How to do a Volvo warranty check by VIN number

The important difference of this check is that the warranty is issued by a dealer, not a manufacturer. And the information about a dealer is not connected to a VIN, but to a car's documents. That way the only way to get warranty information is to contact a seller.

What Information is Included in a Volvo VIN search report?

As we mentioned earlier, specifications are not the only thing associated with a VIN code. For example, information about recalls and complaints is assigned to a set of VINs they affect. The only issue is that they are stored in different government departments.

We at VIN Sonar constantly scanning publically accessible databases and accumulate information in one place, so you don't need to browse multiple sites searching for information. Here are what we have for you.


It's a base report for any Volvo VIN number check, it shows vehicle factory parameters and specs. It helps you validate a configuration of the vehicle you are searching for its original specs - if something changed, it can be a bad sign.


Before buying a car it's always a good thing to have a list of official recalls issued by the manufacturer to check if they are fixed or not. Performing a Volvo VIN number lookup at VIN Sonar, you will be provided with a list of current and previous Volvo recalls associated with your VIN code.


When recalls are officially verified problems, complaints are feedback from real customers all around the US. They are a useful tool to spot vehicle components that require special attention. For example, if the majority of complaints are about steering columns, the chances are big that your car has or will be having the same problem.

Safety report

This report is oftentimes overlooked, but it's the most important because it potentially can save your life. Besides a regular Volvo VIN decoding, we display information on the vehicle's safety features. This data helps you learn about what active (ex. stability control) and passive (ex. seat belt) safety options are available on a car. Imagine a situation: 2 identical cars with a difference of $500, so why consider the more expensive one? With this report, you will be able to see a difference in safety features, and if there are some extra airbags in the second one you absolutely should choose it over the cheaper one.

Car safety is more than features. Some vehicles have a high center of gravity, so they tend for a rollover. Or, perhaps, poorly engineered front end, that makes any frontal crash a disaster for a driver. The measurements of those threats are crash tests.

If a crash test for the car in your Volvo VIN lookup was performed by an NHTSA, we include its result in our Volvo VIN decode report. Carefully look through it: perhaps, you should consider another model if safety ratings aren't too good for this one?

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